About Us

Our Motto

Italy is our inspiration, Amsterdam our field. The combination between old Italy and lively Amsterdam provides the basis for Fratellini Amsterdam.

The Store

The store is filled with unique, nostalgic Italian products, so you can also add that extra touch and charm to your dishes at home. Different styles of pasta, canned goods, oils and sauces, our home-made pesto are all ready to enrich your Italian flair at home.

We work with suppliers and producers whose heart and philosophy are in the right place. They put value and respect into how their products are produced. We support small family businesses, traditional methods of production and the slow food movement.

EME Hotspots

Fratellini Amsterdam is EME Hotspots' first own location. EME Hotspots is a collection of various 'High-end takeaway' concepts that can be implemented in any type of space. EME Hotspots is part of EME Hospitality Projects, founded by Michael Eman in 2005. https://www.eme-projects.com.